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Harry Potter Book Icons

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Harry Potter Book Icons

Welcome to hp_book_icons! I'm glad you choose this community. Now here are some rules:

1)Post Icons Only Please. What kind?
Icons based off the Harry Potter books--yes you can share your movie based icons too. With out the books, there would have been no movies!

2) Please comment and credit the one who made the icon you take. Always. Plus save the image to your computer, then when you upload the icon to your journal in the Keyword put the LJ User's name.

3) Put your Icons behind a cut do them like this: <*lj-cut text="Icons Behind This Cut">
You can copy that and delete the * in the code. Then list your images in a <*img src="URLtoIcon"> (again delete the * and replace URLtoIcon with the actual URL)

4) Need to host your icons? Try photobucket.com for starters.

5) Have fun and get your talented Icon making friends who are obessed with Harry Potter to join!!

6) Shipper type icons are allowed *it's all in fun!*

7) You can show your House Loyality with House type Icons! It is encouraged!! *Go Hufflepuff!*

8) yes you can "pimp" you community from time to time. Just pimp hp_book_icons in return <3

More rules will be added and tweaked as the community grows.

Thank you for joining my community.

Your Mod, Cosmo (cosmob)
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